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Monday, June 19, 2017

WEP...Write, Edit, Publish and Being Thankful

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The theme for this WEP is Bridges.

Explosion of charges on two of the three tied arches, looking southeast - Alsea Bay Bridge, Spanning Alsea Bay at Oregon Coast Highway, Waldport, Lincoln County, OR HAER ORE,21-WALPO,1-23

There are bridges that should never be crossed again, bridges that are best burned. These include, but are not limited to: bridges to addictions, bridges to people who repeatedly cause you emotional, physical, or spiritual harm, bridges to hate and separation.

Nakatsu-bansho-en Marugame Kagawa pref01n4350

There are bridges that should be crossed every day of our lives, that should be built and rebuilt as needed and wanted. These include but are not limited to: bridges to healing, bridges to love and compassion, bridges to inclusion.

A Bride build by Nature

There are bridges that are ambiguous, that should perhaps remain standing, but with some kind of barrier to remind us to be cautious but open. These include but are not limited to: bridges to forgiveness.

Forgiveness is tricky. Many times we can, and should, easily forgive the faults, transgressions, and idiosyncrasies of a person and leave the bridge wide open for future travel. But forgiveness does not mean that one has to build or repair a bridge to a person who can no longer be trusted or to a relationship that no longer exits. Forgiveness is about no longer harboring anger, hatred or resentment towards the person who caused pain. Forgiveness is a bridge of healing to yourself. Forgiveness is a wide brush, whose stroke is a rainbow of colors. Our task is to learn when to forgive and leave the bridge open, and when to forgive and close the bridge or burn it, not in anger or revenge, but in love and compassion.
Full Rainbow in november essex
Being Thankful
Today I'm thankful for fresh green beans picked from our garden. 
It's been many years since we've had a garden.
What are you thankful for? What bridges have you crossed lately, or... burned? Do you have a garden this year?


  1. Forgiveness is a wide brush, who’s stroke is a rainbow of colors. Such beautiful words and oh so true, I’m working on forgiveness right now. It’s not easy but I forgive a little more each day, and although I will never trust this particular person (a relative by marriage) I do feel better for trying to let go of the hurt and anger. I figure they can’t help the way they are. Hence I will leave the bridge open for now.
    We have a pretty garden but no vegetables, so I’m thankful for all the greengrocers and market stalls!

    1. Thank you Barbara. I think we all work on forgiveness a little bit every day.

  2. I love the images you found for this post, especially the first and third. I'm trying to be a better gardener this year, but with the extra rain of the past month, the weeds are winning. And by weeds, I mean grass. Grass is evil. We put down that special black garden-cloth to discourage weeds in the gardens, but grass just goes right through it and then binds with the cloth to make it even harder to remove. Grrr. Plus I need to trim bushes and remove several dead soldiers including one tree and two holly bushes. At least it's great exercise.

  3. I just planted some raspberries here and am really hoping they take to their new home :) And I love your bit about bridges to forgiveness--so very true!

  4. I love this WEP theme. I wish I could participate. Hoping that I can next time. I look forward to reading the entries.

  5. Such a meaningful post! Literally and figuratively, bridges are vital. First photo of a bridge blowing up struck a memory of bridges in my old town area. Worn out, after over 100 years, it was time. I love this theme.

  6. Your section on forgiveness is especially great.

  7. Hi Bish - post is ready for tomorrow. Love bridges - they're in the family. An essential 'invention' to get across to the other side - the chicken could have done with one of those ... Bridging the communication gap is another essential to learn in life ... looking forward to reading the entries ...cheers Hilary

  8. Nicely said Bish. Beautiful images to support your prose. Yes, we all come to many bridges in our lives and we should be open, but proceed with caution...

  9. Life is great, we have this world full of people, resources and inventions now all we have to do is figure out how to spread the good to everyone equally.

  10. How right you are. Some bridges should indeed be barred.
    And I love the concept of bridges of compassion. We need to build a whole lot more of them.

  11. Love your writing about forgiveness. And the photo that goes with it, all the gnarled roots and interlaced branches, as if Nature itself wanted that bridge to be there.

  12. Hi,
    I like how you put together your mental thoughts about bridges. Their good points as well as the dangers of crossing bridges that it is better not to cross.
    Shalom aleichem,

  13. "Our task is to learn when to forgive and leave the bridge open, and when to forgive and close the bridge or burn it, not in anger or revenge, but in love and compassion."
    This is the hardest of all lessons.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Green beans from the garden are a true blessing!

  14. Love that. Holding onto hurt only hurts the one holding the grudge. Not that you can hold anyone at fault for clinging to their pain--it's the natural reaction. But you're right. You have to let it go if you ever hope to have inner peace.

  15. 'Forgiveness is a bridge of healing to yourself.'

    Nailed it right there. I loved reading your thoughts on the various bridges, both the writing and visuals are beautiful and uplifting. Thanks.

  16. I love your words about forgiveness. They are right on target. And then the rainbow appears and all your words come together beautifuly. As far as I can tell, there was nothing specifically poetic about the way you wrote this, but your words- your choice and placing of images- told a message that will hit anyone who sees this in a personal and poetic way.

  17. So many different meanings for the prompt, thanks for sharing!

  18. Hi Bish. Love the comparison of positive and negative bridges. Yes, forgiveness is a hard bridge to cross, but it's amazing how people do. Those families who are able to forgive the killer of their child show us the way. The images you found are wonderful too.

    It's been too hot in Oz this past summer to grow much except herbs and even some of those got fried. Looking forward to growing fresh cherry tomatoes again. Yum.

    Thanks for joining us Bish with such a great entry.

    Denise :-)

  19. "Forgiveness is a bridge of healing to yourself." Love this sentiment. I don't believe in "forgive and forget." Should be "forgive and learn." Not all transgressions are purposely done, but there are some that take advantage of good hearted people.

    This was an awesome entry Bish. Loved it.


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